Trade alert 1

Ppr 2 rbs 3 wrs, 2 flex my roster is M Ingram J Taylor K Hunt A Gibson WRs: mThomas R Woods D Slayton Dj Chark I traded M Ingram for T MCLaurin since Thomas is out for a bit and I need help at wr…was that a bad idea???

I mean value wise it was fine, Ingram’s value has lessened due to being in a true timeshare with dobbins and Mclaurin is still a target hog despite not producing too much the other day, but for your team it didn’t really make sense. You thought you needed help at WR but you had Woods and either Slayton or Chark to start at WR2 and both are fine options, i can’t say Mclaurin is much better or worse than either of those two. Personally i think i’d start Slayton over all of them the way things shook out in week 1. Your starting RB’s are okay with Taylor and Hunt but now you have no depth as Gibson hasn’t really shown that he’s going to be relevant. I’d take the Mclaurin or Chark you have and try to flip them based on there name for a decent RB

Agreed, I don’t think you needed to trade away RB depth when you had options at WR. Your running backs aren’t that great beyond Taylor and Hunt. You might want to trade to add some running back depth after one of your guys pops off for a big week.

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I’m with Sweandogg. You were sitting good at WR before the trade but with the added depth, I would definitely look to go get another RB.

I left out Mixon, I have him also!

oh, well huge difference lol. in that case i think you were fine either way, i still don’t think you needed another WR but it also didn’t hurt you too much either. Stand by what i said though, think after what we saw week 1 that you should start Slayton this week over all of them, but i could just be on the slayton hype train as Mclaurin does have a better matchup