Trade alert.... help plz

Just got offered sony for Ingram and Olsen. I have Howard (te) too. And need help at rb. Should I make this trade.

And another would be howard or Olsen ros…

I like Sony more than Ingram at this point but Sony comes with a little risk with Rex coming back. But for me it basically depends on what is available on the waiver wire for that open roster spot.

But wouldn’t rex coming back effect white more then sony?

I think The guys talked about it on a recent Pod.

Just an extra mouth to feedand Coach Bill has a history of being a little unpredictable so little a fear about goal line carries too. I own him in 2 leagues and I’m not overly worried, if he starts I’ll play him but just something to think about.

Now that Cordarelle plays at RB too and Burk is coming back? I can get behind this. Would prefer someone other than Olsen though.