Trade alert help!

I’m 5-3 this week and both of ym WR’s are on bye. (Fitz and Tyler Boyd) with Cooper Kupp still hurt.

I got a trade request for my Jordan Howard and I get John Brown. Howard is on my bench since I have Gurley, Mark Ingram & Nick Chubb with TJ Yeldon on the bench.

Would you trade Jordan Howard for John Brown?

Thanks Guys!

  • Side Note: The guy also has Golden Tate and OBJ that i’d try to trade up for

Let me start by saying yes, i’d 100% trade howard for Brown the way they are both being used right now.

That being said, OBJ you’d most likely have to pay a hefty price for, probably a combo of something like Boyd+ Ingram/Chubb, and even that may not be enough.

Tate however seems completely in reach. Depending on how thin he is at RB you could potentially do an Ingram or Chubb trade straight up. If not, one of those guys + fitz or some other lesser receiver could probs get the job done.

I would try and capitalize on Fitz’s ONE good game of the year, if possible, because you know the cardinals aren’t going to replicate it lol.

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no one wants fitz unfortunately haha. I do think there will be an upside especially for our .5 PPR league. I’ll probably keep fitz as a filler for bye’s.

I’ll try to switch a chubb & howard for OBJ haha