Trade alert! Odell for joe mixon and JuJu?

12 team standard, no keepers or dynasty. Should I trade my JuJu and joe mixon for Odell? My team is
Qb: Brees/Tyrod
RBs: Zeke, J. Howard, Mixon (all starting) then k. Johnson, t. Coleman and rod smith on bench
Wrs: golden Tate, JuJu (starting) with k. Benjamin and dj Moore on bench.
I’d be giving up 2 if my starters for Odell, which don’t get me wrong I love Odell but is joe mixon, (who I like this year)a starting 3 down back, worth giving up for Odell?

What are your starting lineup requirements?

Unless they are super deep. I’d do that trade in a heart beat!

Also, drop Tyrod. Or trade Brees. Unless your league drafts 2-3 QBs per team.

1 qb
2 RBs
2 WRs
1 te
1 flex
1 defense
1 kicker

Judging by your team you prioritized rbs by taking 3 in a row. You went into your draft and wanted to make rbs a priority for whatever reason and you did just that. Why would you trade for a top end wr when you could have just taken Aj green or Adam’s or something coming back around instead of 3 straight rbs? I feel like you went into the draft with the same plan I did and that was to prioritize rbs and take high floor wrs. I did the same and also have tate rostered in multiple leagues for the same reason. If that was your plan and you believe in your plan then I don’t think you should make the trade. Juju should be a fine wr2 with high upside each week and tate should be a very consistent low end wr1 or high end rb 2. Odel is obviously an elite wr. Mixon is a high end rb 2 with rb 1 upside. So you’d be giving up a high end wr 2 with weekly wr1 upside and a high end rb2 with season long rb1 upside for a almost guaranteed wr1. I don’t think I’d do this deal you’re giving up to much. That would also make k Johnson your 3rd rb and we don’t know for sure when he will completely take over that backfield. I think you’re safe with the roster you have now it’s very solid and provides you depth at the most important position. If later in the year keryon breaks out and you are sitting there with zeke Howard mixon and keryonn all playing at a high level then that’s when you should look to trade an rb but right now I’d roll with what you’ve got I like how you drafted


@JDawg22 - If they are willing to accept that trade, I would take it in a heart beat. Odell is my WR2 after AB only. In standard, he might even get a boost up cause I think his TD upside is higher.

Having Tate / JuJu as your WR1 and WR2 in a standard league is awful. Standard is all about TD upside and Tate scores no TDs, and JuJu is the 2nd/3rd option and frankly, isn’t really a redzone threat because he is not adept at created separation in tight windows.

You already have Zeke and howard who are two of my more highly ranked RBs. Mixon, although great in PPR formats, is not that great in Standard. Fact of the matter is, Bengals still suck. In fact, you could probably flex Coleman and not lose much. Coleman is great on the goal line and they’ve used him like that in the past. The downgrade from Mixon to Coleman is MORE than offeset by the upgrade from JuJu to OBJ who is the teams top redzone target and is a mortal lock for double digit TDs.

If the other owner is willing to accept this trade (no way I would), then I would do this trade in a heartbeat. It’s honestly irrelevant what plan you went into the draft with when it comes to subsequent trades. AJ green, although great and I love him, is nowhere near comparable to OBJ. OBJ is at least 2 tiers above AJ green, especially in a standard league. In no world would you have been able to get Zeke and OBJ in the same draft so I wouldn’t really consider your draft plan when trading. End of the day, Fantasy is about adapting and being fluid. If you just stick to your draft and refuse to deviate, you’re going to lose. Go and get OBJ and better your team. It’s a no brainer.

I failed to realize that this was standard and that changes everything and I agree with you. If it was ppr I would stand by what I said but tds mean so much more in a standard scoring format. I will say that sticking to your draft plan is not a bad thing when you’re considering a trade when the season has yet to begin. Fantasy is very much about adapting and making this trade is great for the short term and starting lineup in general but it is wise to make depth a priority. Prepare for injuries rather than hope they don’t happen because they will for a fact to every team. You can’t go wrong in his situation making the trade solidifies his team in a way keeping the players on his roster doesn’t. However not making the trade would still provide him with strong depth to begin the year. Like I said before its how you wanna construct your roster. I personally build my teams for a 16 game season and rb depth is critical but like I said before this is a standard league so that changes a lot of things I wouldnt have targeted tate.

I’d say RB depth is nice, but RB is also the easiest replace via waiver wire in season long leagues. You will not find anyone close to OBJ on the waiver wire, ever.