Trade Alert. Thoughts welcomed

Trade Evan Engram, Royce, and Davis for Juju and Yeldon?

What TE is on your waiver wire?
I suspect fournette will not be 100% for the rest of the season so getting yeldon would be a great bonus.
But when engram comes back he should be a solid starter, so you wanna make sure you can get a servicable replacement for him

I have Burton on my roster as well

Yes agree with the above comment. And indeed Engram is apparently practicing specifically “at full speed” today. He has a chance of playing as soon as Thursday.

I would do this trade just for juju alone. This is a great trade for you, especially since you have burton as a servicable TE

Yeah what he said.

Awesome maybe Ill ask for Yeldon and Juju first but then fall back to just Juju if he declines the first trade. I really need a quality WR!

My RBs and WRs are

Dude! I didnt realize you were the one initiating the trade. If you are gunna rock the 3 for 2, put drake in as the sweetener.

As in a 4 for 2? Royce and Drake? or are you saying 3 for 2 with Drake instead of Royce? I considered Royce the more valuable back so thats why he was in the trade.

Yes if you are going to offer your initial trade i would put drake in over royce.
If he rejects and counters you can always increase your trade to include royce not drake.

Never lead with the deal you want.