Trade Alert! Yay or Nay

I made a trade in looking at the playoffs at 7-2

I traded
Dion Lewis, Marlon Mack, and Amari Cooper


Elliott and Boyd

My other RBs are Hunt, Mixon, and Jones and my WRs are Thielen, Edelman, and Sutton. Good move??


You did great. Upgraded two positions.and sold high on everyone.

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Great job. You won this easy.

Major win. Quantity almost never exceeds quality in this game.

Good for you, the other guy never should have accepted this.

Yay for sho

Welcome to the Championship :slight_smile:

That was a great trade.

A+ trade forsure. Took advantage of selling high on all of them and upgraded both positions. Boyd is going to be doing tremendous things while Green is sadly out.

Thanks guys!

Wow. Robbed him.