Trade Alert!

Should I trade Larry Fitz for Joe Mixon?
My Rbs are Crowell and a mix of chris Johnson, D’onta Foremen, Ameer Abdullah, and Jamal Charles.

I also have Obj, Gronk, Golden Tate, Benjamin Watson, and Eric Decker to go along with Fitz.

12man Full Point PPR

other WR? and RB?

Just updated my post above

yes , do this… you need a RB bad. and your WR core can handle it. IMO

My goodness yes. Your RBs are beyond horrendous. Dump Gronk for a good RB and stream TE. You aren’t going anywhere close to the playoffs with those RBs unless you have some serious good luck

Thanks ! Yeah I was one of the guys who drafted woodhead -__-

I’d definitely do it

I’m with Swiss. You should get good value for Gronk and you’re going to need it at RB. OBJ, Tate, and Fitz would be a solid WR core in full PPR and I’m sure you could find a decent TE to stream. Plus you never know when Gronks going to stub his toe and be out for 6 weeks… get a high tier RB while his value is high right now.

Your rb core has potential, if EVERYTHING goes right. So yes, I agree as well haha