Trade alert!?

Carlos Hyde for Allen Robinson? Half ppr. What are your thoughts

I wouldn’t make that trade. Feel like Hyde has more momentum right now. One or two good games and you might get more for him.

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Rofl, this must be a joke. If you’re getting ARob, take that trade and run.

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Depends, what do the rest of your RBs and WRs look like?

Haha. I’ve literally had both of your guys thoughts when thinking about this trade. One hand I’m like hell yeah Robinson could be a high upside WR2 but then I think about how I haven’t seen him play at all and wonder how he’s gonna be in the new offense… my RBs are gorden hunt lynch Hyde Aaron Jones and Powell and my WRs are Cooper Tate Watkins Sanders Moore and John brown. Gotta drop a guy for a kicker.

This is a no brainer dude. Hyde doesn’t even make your starting line up.

ARob is an immediate starter. WR2 with WR1 upside.

You’re WR situation, is very dire.

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I would make that trade. Solid RBs with Gorden, Hunt and Lynch. Robinson would boost your WRs. Would drop Moore.

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Thanks guys. Yeah I was just worried if I trade a RB then one of my other RBs get injured I’d be screwed but then I remembered it’s half ppr and I have good enough depth for flex to cover my butt. I appreciate it. Also you drop Moore over Brown? Cause I’ve been thinking about that too Haha.

Hyde, is not a good RB lol. If I had to start Hyde as my RB, my season would likely be over at that point.

Yeah I’d drop moore probably. John brown has a shot to at least lead that team in receptions.

Moore is behind both Olsen and CMac and has to split with funchess.

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Agreed. I just threw Moore in with the trade.