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Trade Alfred Morris for Doug Martin


I was offered Doug Martin for Alfred Morris. 1 pt PPR league. I think it’s a good trade but wanted to get other opinions. Let me know what you think.


I’d want morris


Really? the only reason I am thinking Martin is due to the uncertainty of the Dallas backfield.


I’m just concerned about martin being in the bus who can’t defend so will always give up leads so will be able to run less plus martin may not even be the starter there as he looked like he might have been dropped


I’d prefer someone like mixon or McKinnon or mccafrey all of whom you could get for Morris plus a little price I reckon


Martin is the better talent. But I agree with @Joshg11, try to trade for someone with less uncertainty. Go for Freeman or McCaffery.


That makes sense. Thanks for the input. Maybe I will try to get one of the other guys you mentioned.


Martin over morris 100%.