Trade all in for Gurley or not?

Hey guys, in a half ppr standard league, I have following RBs:

D. Freeman
D. Cook
M. Breida
T. Yeldon
D. Foreman

Unfortunately, because of all the injuries, I am at 1-4, my best WRs are M. Thomas, Golladay and Hilton.

I heard the guy with Gurley in my league considers a trade and I am thinking of going “all in” with it. Means Thomas, a solid RB and maybe on of my other WRs I have (Boyd, Davis, Coutee, Westbrook)

As you can see, my line up is more a prospect one, but my hopes and prayers doesn’t seem to work here. So maybe one solid position, I never have to think about, would be nice.

Open for any suggestions.

I am also 1-4 in a 16 man league, I myself am sticking with my team doing little trades. I would advise doing little trades and working the block to pick up top free agents. Good Luck.