Trade Allen and Aaron Jones for Mike Evans?

Title says it all. Is it too early to throw the towel in on Allen? Plus Evans just had his bye which I think is a huge plus… scoring is standard.

I’d take Allen/Jones side. Fitz used his WR’s a lot more than Winston seems to. I think the WR’s are comparable and Jones could have value down the stretch.

What if it was Thielen instead?

I like theilen more than Evans, personally.

I also think that Keenan will be just as good as those guys. Through 4 games last year he had about 260 yards and 1 TD. Then he went OFF for around 550 yards a 4 TD’s in his next 4.

If you want to make the swap and won’t miss Jones, I think that would get it done though.

I would not do this personally. I am still advocating a heavy BUY on Allen. Also believe it or not, I think Winston being back actually hurts evans more than it helps. Winston is a great fantasy QB, not a great QB in real life. With Winston at the helm, Evans needs the absurd volume to produce cause he gets lower quality passes which is hard to get given how many weapons there are on that team. I actually think we’ve seen the best of Evans for this year. With Fitzmagic out, I’m back to my pre-season assessment of Evans. It’s statistically a fact that WRs all produce worse with Winston at helm. Only position that benefits is TE.

I’m not even sure I would give Allen for Evans straight up right now. I’m willing to bet Allen > Evans ROS. To give Aaron Jones on top of that pushes it over the edge for me. Big believer in jones.

I appreciate the advice. I was kind of iffy on the trade to begin with, but have been frustrated with Allen and I’m sitting at 2-3 right now. I have AB and was looking to pair him with another stud wideout since I currently have Mixon and michel as my rbs.

I got a similar question.

Just offered another member cooper kupp and James white for mike Evans. Should I do it. What do you guys think?

Allen will show up. He’s too good not to. In my eyes Allen/AB/OBJ are the 3 best route runners in the NFL. And he has Rivers throwing to him. He started slow last year as well before exploding and carrying people to the playoffs.

Those who waited on AB/OBJ were rewarded this past week. Those who wait on Allen will also be rewarded. I bought Allen last week and am still trying to buy him after this week. When chargers get into shootouts with good teams, they will need him.

Whats up bro. I know you are very good at fantasy since you have helped me in the past. I have been trying to get some feedback on this trade.

Just offered another member cooper kupp and James white for mike Evans. Should I do it. What do you guys think?

Cooper kupp and James white for mike Evans. Standard league.

What do you think about this trade?

I wouldn’t do this…Tampa is in for a serious downturn, and I think you’re seeing Allen’s floor the last two weeks…especially give how good Rivers looks this year


Tough call. I really like Cooper Kupp and view him as a high end WR2 ROS with an incredibly safe floor and also great TD upside. He already has 5 TDs through 5 games, matching his 2017 season. Think he is a lock for double digit TDs this season assuming the concussion doesn’t keep him out too long.

On the flip side, I do not want to pay for james white right now. he had 2 carries for 0 yards last week and has <5 carries in 4 out of 5 weeks. I don’t think he will continue to see 12-14 targets per game cause that would mean he would lead the NFL in targets. I also don’t see him scoring a TD every week. Also in standard format, his value basically tanks. Hes like a 5-6 point guy for you on a weekly basis if he doesn’t score a TD. That just isn’t someone I want.

If you can get Kupp + Someone like Aaron Jones or something, I’d be fine with that. otherwise, might stay with where you’re at.

Its the other way around. In this case I am getting mike Evans and giving up cooper kupp and James white.

My team is

M. Gordon
Kupp/james white in flex have to choose every week.


What I mean is that I can’t play both kupp and white at the same time, and thats why maybe ill do the trade. Even though both are very good I won’t play them at the same time. I mean I think mike Evans is at the top of the ceiling of what I can get for those 2 players.

My starting lineup would be very good with Evans at flex. Plus right now white is on pace for 16 tds this season which I am pretty sure WONT HAPPEN.

If we view Evans as a better player than cooper kupp than I think it is a good trade for me.

What do you think? Should I do it?

Oh okay. If that’s the case, then yeah I’d take the trade. Evans still has higher upside than Kupp and you should def be selling white in all leagues.

Would you guys be holding on to Evans for now? Or sell on him with the ATL game and Winston coming back?

Depends what you can get for him. Don’t think he’s a desperation sell by any means. Still a very solid WR1/2.