Trade Allen for Henry?

Ppr league.
Guy with Hunter Henry is looking for a wr, our trade deadline is this week. I think he’d take Keenan Allen. My problem is I have Hooper and he might be back training this week. If he ends up injured for longer I can’t trade for a good TE for the playoffs. My other wr are Evans, DeVante Parker, McLaurin and Gordon, so a downgrade on Allen. My TE is Griffin and will be whatever dregs I can get streaming. Is it worth losing a solid wr to know I have a good TE, or run the risk of Hooper being fine and get to keep Allen? Hooper’s playoff schedule is a bit rough too.

I most definitely would not trade Keenan for Henry. Absolute steal for the other guy.

That’s what I’m thinking. Think the upgrade at TE isn’t worth the downgrade at WR.

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