Trade analysis: paying too much for Michael Thomas?

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Currently my roster setup like the below. I was approached and offered some bad deals from the Thomas owner trying to acquire Matty Ice. I rejected his offers, and countered with MATT RYAN/WILL FULLER/KEKE COUTEE for Michael Thomas… Is that too much for a stud WR for rest of season? I just got Matty Ice trading away Dalvin the Hamstring Cook…

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I don’t think it’s too much at all. I think it’s a good use of Ryan huge past few games. He’ll have more huge games, and has every reason to be consistent through the rest of the season, and Wentz has a bit a of a challenging schedule ROS as well, but I personally would be willing to accept that potential downgrade. I think it’s a good use of Fuller and Coutee as well. I’d be happy with getting Thomas in exchange for that group.

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Thanks man! Approaching that guy with Wentz at first and then Ryan if he rejects…

Was also thinking, bench Ingram and have Yeldon for an RB2 and flex out Landry or Fuller?

I’m nervous about starting fuller this week, speaking as a fuller owner thinking about benching him for lockett (and starting Ingram in flex, so definitely like Ingram over Fuller). Personally I’d start Ingram over Landry, especially with Kamara limited in practice I think the Saints want to protect him as their future and will run Ingram into the ground if they have to. Plus Landry is facing the ravens D.

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Ummm what? If this trade goes through you better spank your ass for being so lucky. Complete bafoonery.

This is trade rape. If I got an offer of ryan+fuller+coutee for Michael Thomas, I’d laugh it off. It’s a joke. And that’s coming from someone who is probably higher on will fuller than anyone else.

You don’t give up arguably the top fantasy WR, top 3 at worst for a QB.

Also, i wouldn’t have traded away Cook for Ryan either. You overpaid there so you can’t really carry that value over to this deal. Although even Cook + Fuller + Coutee for MT is not enough.

It also doesn’t make sense for him to want both fuller and coutee. handcuffing WRs is kind of silly and coutee doesn’t hold much value when fuller plays.


I had a useless injured RB in Cook, the other guy wanted more depth at RB, and Ryan has been riding pine all season as he uses Rivers for a QB. Needed to make a play for this week and next as I am playing monsters and need to roll the dice for higher upside.

Exactly ^^^

Its a 16 game season. If you’re like 1-2 or something and wanted to buy a win i get it. But if Cook recovers, than I actually believe in the talent enough for him to be productive. If he’s done for the season, then it is what it is.

Either way, what you’re offering isn’t going to get it done for MT. But if the guy you’re trading with doesn’t know what he’s doing, its possible.

I agree with mike, good rbs are in short supply and you can stream qbs week to week. Also I wouldn’t give up Thomas unless I was getting a stud out of the deal and winning the trade.

If he accepts the trade pull the trigger