Trade analyze

I was wondering if I should trade away deshaun Watson and receive Jarvis landry? I have cousins as my starter this week. Other receivers are davante Adams, will fuller, sanders, Shepard and baldwin. Plz help

No need to have two top 10 QBs on one team. I agree that you should flip one for someone like a Landry. No way of knowing if Watson can keep up his current pace either but its kinda crazy to think he will.


Or should I give away cousins?

I think it solely depends on what you can get more for. If you get a better player off trading Watson (which I think you will) then trade him. If youd rather trade Cousins, try to see what you can get for him, aim high and if its close then see if that person will trade for Watson instead. I personally love Cousins and own him in 2 leagues.