Trade antonio brown for TE upgrade

So, I really don’t want to trade antonio brown right now, but I got an offer that I feel like I should probably take. I want to get your thoughts. Current team:

Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, Thompson, Mccoy, Morris
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, Davis, J. Brown, T. Taylor
Te: Njoku

Trade= My A. Brown and Njoku for his Zach Ertz and Jarvis Landry. He stupidly got both Kelce and Ertz so I don’t want to bail him out, but it’s probably a fair offer. Also don’t want to sell low on the best wr in football and am thin at wr.

Njoku could be a top TE the next few weeks

So you wouldn’t do it?

Hard pass.

Just to bring this back into perspective, it’s Jared Cook…

No NO NOOO and a NOOOOO! I’d rather see you trade a John Brown for a Kittle or Reed.

Ok guys. I appreciate it. Another offer. What if I can do A. Brown Njoku for Landry Kelce and Watkins

Add alfred morris to my side giving up. Whoops.