Trade Antonio Brown for Tyreek Hill

Full ppr dynasty league, would you trade AB for Tyreek Hill?or is it an overreaction?

This is a troll right? I can’t imagine you’re being serious so I won’t actually respond here.

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I shouldn’t answer this but I will assuming this isn’t a troll and somehow a serious question: Yes. It is a massive overreaction. You don’t trade the best receiver in the game for someone just because they blow up in week one.

And it’s not even like AB was bad.

i would consider it, but thats a tough one to pull the trigger on. im guessing the guys above missed that its a dynasty. brown is older, with an older QB, and things could start trending down for him after this year. tyreek is young, budding, with a young QB leading the way for him. there are arguments to be made for it. but, its still AB and he will be elite until he isnt, which for him could be 6 more years. dont take the trade. you can get better value for AB if you want to trade him. hell you can wait till tyreek has a few bad games and try to get him AND something else.

I get it, Brown is older, but statistically, a lot of WRs have some of their best years between 28-31/32. Brown, as a receiver who has never relied on athleticism to get it done, I feel like has a much longer shelf life than most. I think he can still be a top player at his position for another 2-3 years. And in fantasy, that’s an eternity. I very rarely try and predict beyond that. I don’t see him falling off as quickly as the super athletic guys like DT did.

That’s why this is still AB for me by a decent margin. AB is still a top 8 dynasty asset in my eyes. I think the real question and more interesting one is, if you would rather have AB or Michael Thomas. I think the gap there is extremely narrow. Or how would you rank AB, MT, Hill, Allen, Adams from a dynasty perspective?

For me, its MT > AB > Allen > Hill > Adams.

I struggle a bit in the Allen/Hill/Adams tier. Have been finding myself changing my mind a lot but MT has surpassed AB for me from a dynasty perspective and has been above him for a while now. Even before yesterday’s game.

thats a hell of a question. because i have some similar concerns with MT, because of brees. if brees retires next year, lets say because they win the SB, how confident am i in teddy to be the next man up? i think he will be ok, but i wonder how much it hurts MT. honestly i struggle with all of them. because MT, AB, and allen are all benefiting from older QBs who would all retire soon. and obviously that will effect their stats if they dont get a QB that can sling it somewhat. so i agree a bit. i think mine would go


pretty simple, MT is probably the next great WR. he is stellar and young. we will be talking about OBJ, Hopkins, and MT for the next 5-10 years arguing who is the best. then AB because, i mean fuck its AB. hil after, and this is where i struggle too. because i really dont want to put him this high, but young, explosive like the NFL has never seen, and a young QB he apparently has a good connection with. if im being real, i would put hill last on this list. but thats just because i have my reservations about him still, but you cant argue with the eye test right now. its fuckin strong. adams, so damn good, that he was good with… what ever that QBs name was last year. he was very forgettable. but, he also has rodgers for the next few years. then allen. allen i think drops off hard once rivers is gone. which pains me because i do like allen. anyway, thats my way too long list of who i would take.

100% agree with this statement. Do you think Brees would retire if he wins the SB though? I find him to be a lot like Brady. They are both obsessive compulsive guys. Winning is an addiction and I don’t see him leaving after this year. I also don’t think they have a shot to win against the best teams in the NFC if the defense plays like they did yesterday. If he makes a decent run in the play offs, I think he’s for sure coming back and for all the Brady hype, Brees at his current age is the most accurate and impressive as I have ever seen him play. Arguably, the most underrated 1st ballot HOFer QB in the history of the NFL.

And although I am worried about QBs retiring, I think MT/Allen/AB are all so freking talented, that they can adjust their game to any QB who isn’t totally incompetent. I mean look at what OBJ is doing with Eli, who has been past his due for years. I’ve been watching MT super closely ever since his buckeye days (loved him in college) and the dude is a straight up technician on the field. He doesn’t have the breakaway speed like OBJ to take it to the house but in terms of short/intermediate route running, he’s one of the best in the biz. And Allen is just a straight up technician. Watched him a tonne in college too because most of my friends are from Cal.

I’m like 100% with you on Hill though. My brain says, he should be at the bottom of the list but every time I watch this dude play, he jumps off the damn screen. He’s just not a gadget guy anymore. He’s definitely not as polished of a route runner as the other guys, but his speed actually has a huge impact. Because guy have to play so far off of him at the LOS, he doesn’t need to be as good of a route runner. But he’s even improving a lot more in that aspect. I like to think of myself as a rational person, but when I watch hill play, sometimes rationale goes out the window for me. I think on a game per game basis, he has the highest ceiling because of everyone here, he is the only one with an asset the other guys cannot acquire, speed. And if he can make himself a absolute route running demon like Keenan Allen for example, tied to Mahomes who looks like the real deal, it absolutely would not shock me if he was the leagues top WR by 2020.

i dont think brees would retire honestly. because he is a competitor. but, he is also rational and might do what many guys should have done, retire on top. i dont think he does, i just see it as a possiblity.

they are all freaks thats for sure. i just dont want them to get into an AJ green situation. cause green is as talented as all of them and has been for years. but he has been held back my dalton at times. but i do agree, the technicians are the ones who will be fine. because they get separation, so bad throws dont mean AS much.

thats my point exactly. i watch the chiefs more than most as a chiefs fan, so i thought i had a pretty good line on him. but instead of leveling off, he just keeps on getting better. one of the reasons i wasnt sold on him, is i didnt have the confidence in him that he would want to improve. but holy shit, he does. he has put in WORK and it shows. cause like you said, his routes were sloppy before. now they are starting to look more crisp, his hands are looking better, and if he keeps on improving at the rate he is… he very well could be. but, i will hold off my “best WR in the world!” for a few more games to see if this connection is as legit as it looks week 1.

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