I have Antonio Brown on my team. Would you guys consider trading him for Mike Evans after his poor week 1?

My view is absolutely.

I know some folks might be really worried at everybody but evans having pretty big games but in my opinion it’s not going to be the norm. Evans will rebound. He’ll have explosive games and he’ll dud again. But I firmly believe Mike Evans is by far the better receiver to own this season of the two.

Thats what im thinking. I think it might be good trade to attempt to pull off

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

I had the exact same thoughts. Leaning a lil bit towards Evans, but not sure if I should donit. The WR-situation in Tampa isn’t easy for fabtasy

I kept AB and traded for Evans too. Gonna hold this week at Atlanta because I think both will rise in value. So I think definitely trade for Evans