Trade AP for Ajayi?

One of the guys in my league is a Cardinals fan
Offered me his Ajayi for AP.
Do I take it ?
Any reason not to ?

I’d do that

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Yes. I would do that. AP isn’t 2012 AP, people go ballistic because of the name and because he had his first good game in over 2 years

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I think I would keep AP.

I would take Ajayi.

Take Ajayi.

I’m a cards fan and I’d still take ajayi, DJ could be back for playoffs then AP would have no value

Contrary to the FFB podcast on Monday re: AP, I would keep him because he looked healthy and had the ability to spread the field to Fitz and recievers. I am a believer of trends, and the AP stock seems to be rising.

I don’t think one good game is a trend though. AP has not merely been “not good” in the games he has played the past two years, he has looked bad in those games. I agree he looked much better last week, but it’s far from a trend. I need to see him do it a few more times before I buy into him being anything close to an RB1. I mean McCown looked good last week too but I wouldn’t say he’s trending upwards.

Ajayi all day