Trade ARob, White and Goedert for Ekeler and Harry?

I’m a Barkley Owner. I think it’s a good deal I’m just a little worried about how much work Kelley is getting. Or should I try to target a different RB?

Half PPR
My Team:
QB: Brees
RB: Taylor, Gibson, White, Edmonds, Barkley
WR: ARob, Golladay, Woods, Fuller, P Williams, A Miller
TE: Henry, Goedert

You should have put the trade in the message, because we can’t initially see it unless we check your edits. I’d say no to the trade. ARob is better than he played, and it is only a matter of time. White was only missing because of a family issue, but he’ll still be a strong RB when he gets back, and Goedert may have a good amount of value depending on where other teams stand at TE.

I’d see if you can get someone off waivers at RB because I think you’d be giving up too much for ekeler

Should I try to trade Woods instead of ARob? Or what other RBs could I target.
Current wavier options are Mike Davis, Gaskin, Jeff Wilson, Dion Lewis, Sony Michel, Henderson.

If you’d rather have a long-term RB I’d go Gaskin, and for short term I’d try for Davis. For a spot start RB, which I think can work with your other RBs you have, I’d go Henderson as he has a chance to solidify himself while Akers is out.

I’d be more willing to trade Woods than ARob, because the Rams might be spreading the ball to all 4 WRs + 2TEs so I can see woods having a lower floor because of all the options.