Trade assistance requested

I’m 0 - 2 because of Russell Wilson/Jimmy Graham, and my WR’s are dropping like flies or have been mediocre. I drafted heavy on RB for trade purposes. My league runs 3 WR, 2 RB, NO FLEX, boring standard scoring format.

The two teams struggling for RB’s that I can target hold these coveted WR’s:

Evans, Cooks, Hopkins, Green, OBJ

My RB’s are as follows:
Gordon, Lynch, Gillislee, Gore, Henry, Martin

My still alive WR’s are as follows:
Nelson, Ginn, Parker, Cobb, C. Davis

I have already offered Gillislee and TE J. Cook for Green and Ertz.

I’m thinking of offering Gordon and Gore for Evans and Jordan Howard. Thoughts on this and/or opinions on trades you would offer?