Trade assistance

Alright, I have Andrew luck sitting on my bench, I’m pretty sure I could trade him for Kareem Hunt seeing the guy has Carson Wentz who is out as of now for week 1.

Here’s my current lineup:

Cam Newton
Melvin Gordon
Telvin Coleman
Demaryius Thomas
DeAndre Hopkins
Greg Olsen

(I know I drafted a QB and TE on the same team, but the way the draft played out, I had no other choice)

So my thoughts are trade luck for Kareem Hunt.? Maybe through in Rex Burkhead who I have as well to maybe make the deal more enticing? Or maybe use Burkhead instead of Coleman?

Any help would be much appreciated

Try it but I highly doubt it he could easily just get a qb off the waiver to fill in until wentz is bk

If I had hunt, there is no way I trade him for luck and burkhead