Trade away A Brown?

I’ve been offered Gronk and TY Hilton for Antonio Brown. I’m pretty sure this is a steal on my part bc I am so deep at WR and I’m getting one of maybe two sure things at TE this year.

Current WR (full PPR)
A Brown
G Tate
D Parker
L Fitz
P Garçon
A Thielen

Should I pull that trigger?

Why not try and get a RB back instead of TY?

I also agree that you should try and get a RB option with Gronk. If not then it seems like a fair trade to me.

Well this team trying to trade with me is really weak at RB, so I don’t think he’ll be willing to give one up in this situation.

Ah, fair enough. I know how that goes. With that I think the trade is fair and you should accept it.