Trade away AJ Brown [in Dynasty]?

I’m newer to Dynasty (only 1 year in) and curious how I should manage my roster.

14 team PPR that starts 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2FLX. I feel my team is competitive, but not as good as the top 3-4 teams. I have strong RBs and Kittle at TE but my WRs get trashy pretty quickly. I also don’t have my 1st round pick (1.08) in our upcoming rookie draft as I traded it as part of the package to get AJ Brown last year.

Should I trade AJ Brown to get more depth at WR?

My WRs:
AJ Brown
Will Fuller
Denzel Mims
Emmanuel Sanders
Randall Cobb
and it gets worse from there…


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I’d say no in a vacuum. That said, every player should be available for the right price. In a 14 team league it would take a haul to get AJB off my roster. I see him as a high caliber player on a team that needs and uses him. That’s not common with the changing NFL landscape. On top of that, he is young. IMHO, if you have a young player with seasons of proving it in the NFL, you hold those players or trade them for something so wildly in your favor why not. If you get a deal like that then sure. But just to move him? I’d not do that.

I think Mims will be better this year and Fuller is constantly underrated. I’m looking forward to him in MIA. The tricky part is you do not think you are contending. That sucks. I tear things down if I’m sure I do not have a shot. However, you can build around your WR room. I do not know your RB room, but I’d look to move things there. Without a 1st this year, you will have a hard time adding more than depth. Depth is fantastic and very important, especially in 14 team league. IMHO if you are not a top 3 team, all you are doing is getting worse draft positions every year. Just bottom out and grab potentially higher tier talent.

How I’d go at it is moving RB for picks these next 2 years and be okay “losing” for the better draft picks. RB generally shed value really fast, and if you are not contending you are burning their valuable years. I’d punt them and build better studs, then add RB through the next 2 drafts, especially in 2023 or very early picks in 2022. It might seem weird moving ‘stud’ RBs, but if you’re not competing you are losing. So they are not helping. Fold in some solid WR or a good QB to last for years. Collect earlier picks from your team not being as strong and trades. Package everything you can to get into the 1st / 2nd rounds of drafts with multiple dart throws. You can likely scoop up a tonne of 2nds in a 14 teamer.

If you want a more detailed approach and you do decide to go picks, I’d focus on 2022 1sts and 2023 1st / 2nds. As many as possible. Don’t forget that some of these filler / dart throw players you can get off of the waiver. 2021 is a super broad class. There will be players there to add to your roster. I’d be moving everything after the 2nd round for as high a pick as possible in future drafts. Even if it is 2023 / 2024. That sounds far out, but this is dynasty. Players will always be losing steam / falling off rosters. More shots down the road make it easier to keep your vaults full of either picks or ammo for trades.

The trick is to target a draft class you want, and hit it as hard as you can. I like 2023 as it is far enough out not many folks are thinking about it, but near enough you can handle the 2 seasons of not being super strong. Scrape the bottom of your league until your chosen class hits. Ideally you are positioned to consume tonnes of talent. In my example of 2023, even if I had an early 2022 pick I’m flipping it for more targets in the class I’m after. TBH adding one or two players per season will not turn your roster unless you are also a very active (and lucky!) trader or savvy wire picker. It’s tough to grab a hit even in the top 8 picks. Even if you get hits, all those 2 players do is keep you competitive enough to not really be competitive. If that makes sense?

The reason being other teams are also adding talent, so most likely they are getting better too, and keeping you in check. If you can land multiple shots in the top 2 rounds you run the chance of injecting handfuls of talent to your team while your opponents rosters are getting a year older having traded you their picks. Does it necessarily work? It does come down to luck a lot of the time. That said, the more swings you get the more hits you can make. That’s the ultimate idea and goal.

These are just my thoughts and how I’d approach it. I suspect you can find plenty of folks with opposing ideas, but this is how I’d look at your situation. I hope this helps!

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Hot damn! Thanks for such a thorough reply. I love AJ and hate the thought of trading him.

I have Zeke, Dobbins Harris and Conner as my top 4 RBs. I’m also contemplating trading Zeke, but it seemed like a lot of people are down on him this year. That is what had me turn my focus to AJ…that maybe I could get a larger haul out of him.

No problem.

All this is assuming you are not a contender in your league. The guys you would be moving could be really helpful if you are making a push. But if you do not think your team measures up, I have a few ideas ideas, depending on comfort levels. Or neither, of course :slight_smile:

Looking at your RB core, I can see a few different options. I’d feel more comfortable moving them since their usability is typically less. If you are not contending you are burning their value (both team and trade) by rostering them while you are not competitive. If that makes sense.

First - deal with not being good and ship them all for picks, focused on the 2023 class or top 6 2022. I like 2023 as it’s further out and most people do not care as much, so you can typically land extra on top. That’s extreme and it’ll mean you would have two season of sucking, but hitting those picks hard could really help come 2023. I’m not sure I’d do that with your squad, but it’s the nuclear option.

Second - I’d move EITHER of these next two. This is trying to help while still staying competitive. It should help you now and give you some extra ammo in upcoming drafts to better help take your team into contention.

With what you have, I agree on Zeke being a bit out of favor. That said, I still think he is really good. I’d look at moving him for someone like M Davis / Gaskin / Carson plus a pick. Go for a 2022/2023 1st, you never know, or maybe a couple 2nds. That gets you a stop gap player who should still put up numbers for you plus future lottery tickets.

This will not be overly popular, but I’d look to move JK. I think he is valued near his ceiling right now. I do not think BAL will be a team that allows him to move much higher given they do not target the RB. Yes, anything can happen and offenses can change. But you will always have Lamar there to vulture carries and TDs. It means aside from ALSO sharing the backfield with a vastly underrated Gus Bus, JK will have to always be ultra-efficient with every chance. Maybe he can do that, but I’d bet against it long term. Throw in that they seem to be making a legit push to amp up the passing game and JK looks harder and harder to hit his full potential. Again, yes, it could happen and he’ll be awesome.

I’d look to move JK for a bigger package at RB. I would bet you could get Jacobs / Ekeler plus for JK. I’d take both of them. You might even get CEH plus. The plus might not be a first as these players are higher caliber, but you might get a couple 2nds or even a 2nd & 3rd. I know 3rds do not seem like much, but they are great throw ins to jump up in a draft or even flip for a future 2nd during the draft.

I know neither of those moves help out your WR core. Sometimes folks have easier times looking at same positions to see who is better. Cross position is more tough. However, if you wanted to get WR and just be thin at RB which I do not mind but it freaks out many owners, here are targets I’d look for.

Zeke deal: Lockett / Landry / John Brown / Cooks / Julio. The nice thing is you might get two of them plus some 2nds. Always try for the 1st and drop back a year if they say no initially. These players might not have a long a career, but they could post numbers to help.

JK deal: K Allen / JJSS / Sutton / Lockett. As above you should be able to stack these with 2 players and lesser picks or 1 player and a couple picks. Allen might be tougher to stack multiple picks with, but if you got Allen + Landry (or someone similar) you might also squeeze a 2023 2nd.

I think all those WR are not priced fairly and could be taken for a cheap offer.

Third - Hedge a bit and do one of them for picks only and the other for player(s) and picks. This lowers your chances of scoring well, which should give you the benefit of a better pick in 2022, while giving you a roster base to build on plus extra ammo to stack more players in the draft.

Given you are in a 14 team, I like option 2 best. With that many teams it’s hard to know where picks will be with enough confidence and the extra 2 picks in the pool really matter. Since this is a 14 team it might be harder to find the roster to trade with. Keep in mind you can do things in pieces. You could Zeke for Landry and a first, then flip the first for Lockett and a 2023 2nd…these are just examples.

Lastly with the 14 team, unless you know a team will be bottom 6, I’d go exclusively for 2023 picks. They should be easier to acquire and that class looks to be deep. Almost any pick should be pretty good through the 2nd round. 2022 appears to have really strong top end, then falls flat pretty quickly. Though the QB class is looking interesting. Not sure you need one but it is worth considering early 2022 2nds to grab a QB.

Ultimately it is important to go a bit cautiously and not just deal to deal. 14 team leagues are tough to win but the rosters look typically much worse than a 12 team. It’s rare for a team to be just stacked, and most squads are scrambling for depth players that do not make you gag. I do think you can get further with solid depth than just top end talent. Just my two cents, but I hope something in here helps!

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This was awesome. 1st year dynasty player and I appreciated it haha

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Glad you found something of use :slight_smile: