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Trade Away AJ Green?!


Have been offered Donte Moncrief and Jarvis Landry for AJG.

I don’t want to give up Green but is the value too good?

If the value isn’t there what should i add to make up the value??


Definitely not enough value, what does the other team have? Moncrief has already had injury concerns and the uncertainty of when Luck will return. Parker may emerge as Cutler’s favorite target and not Landry. Depending on your needs I’d be looking for a low end rb1 and a strong wr2, something like that.


Not even close. What you should add would depend on what they have (and what you need).


Got a second offer on AJG today (different owner)

Larry Fitzgerald and Sammy Watkins

this is closer but is it close enough?


I’m keeping AJ Green here. None of these offers come close in my eyes.


Both offers are below value.