Trade Away AJ Green

Half point ppr. My team currently are attached.

I’m being offered the following 2 trades:
Trade away Green for Kamara and Davonte Adams. I would have to drop Collins in this case too. Or

Trade away Green and Parker for Garçon, Duke Johnson and Kamara

Do I do either of these trades?

I wouldn’t Green is a stud and the ball is coming his way more since the OC change. Hopefully Kelley and Ty wont be out too long and you’ll be fine at RB. if not just keep an eye on the WW for now.


I wouldn’t trade Aj either. Your team is hurting at RB right now but not enough to ship away a stud like Aj. Once ty and Kelley come back it’ll help.

I’m fine with trading AJ in principle, but you need a RB if you’re going to do that. Don’t do either of those trades. If you can somehow get a top 10-12 RB for Green, like a Gordon, Shady, or around that level, I would do that. But not those two trades