Trade away AJ Green?

I’m in playoffs and have a 1st week bye- so I’m looking more playoff time than now… Curious as to what your opinions are…

I’m thinking about offering AJ Green and Demarco Murray to receive Adam Thielen and Alex Collins.

I’ve been looking to dump Demarco all year, so I figure I can get someone (Alex Collins) who has a decent playoff schedule and is getting goal line touches, IF I tie in a big name like AJ. Only part that that worries me is that I might need that 25 point outburst AJ is always capable of in a playoff game… The Bengals offense also doesn’t look very good.


I think you are selling AJ Green to low. I would not do that. THeilen is great but I think with the RBBC on both teams makes the RB’s a wash and if you were to ask me Thielen or Green I would take Green 10 out of 10 times.