Trade away Bell for Chris Thompson?

So I was offered to trade away Bell to get Chris Thompson. I really like Thompson but I don’t know if he should be the only thing I receive for bell. Any thoughts?

I initially offered Geronimo Allison and Tyler Lockett for Chris Thompson and that was his counter.

You can try but whatever you do I would do it quick. His stock is plummeting. He may not play until week 10. Can your team afford holding him for a while? Or do you need to move him?

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Do you think I could get more than Chris Thompson at the moment ?

Well I am 0-1, and my running backs are Bell, Howard, Jamaal, Burkhead, Breida, and Lindsay.

I am satisfied with my depth, but I would like Chris Thompson’s pass catching skills and explosiveness . I think my current running backs are a little lacking in the pass catching

I would look to offer a 2 for one for bell. Since this was offered to you I would counter with Thompson and a wide out. One in the wr2/1 cusp. What do your wrs and his look like?

Don’t do this. Thompson is notoriously injury prone. He won’t play 10 games this year. If you could have Thompson for 7 or Bell for 6 who would you take?

This is crazy, worst case you would have bell for 6 games. I personally would hold on to bell unless you don’t think you cant win without him. + you can get more than Thompson for him in my opinion

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I have Michael Thomas, Hogan, Gordon, good one, locket, and Alyson. He is really weak it War to be honest so I really what don’t even want any of his receivers.

He actually offered me Coleman for bell straight up. I am close to excepting that to be honest. What do you think?

I guess that was something I was willing to take a gamble on. Thomson seems to be in sanely efficient. And my other running back‘s are more on the steady side. I know we can’t overreact to week one, but six out of the 10 teams in my league score over 130 points last week. I only scored 70. So I am a little concerned about that and was willing to take a little more risk.
I actually have a offer from the same guy to receive Coleman in exchange for bell. Would you be more likely to do that ?

He is now offering me T Coleman for bell… I could see a situation where Coleman takes over for Freeman quite a bit this year, Freeman seems pretty banged up . What are you think about this?

I wouldn’t, this would be the lowest I’ve seen anyone sell Bell for so far. I’ve seen a lot of people ask about buying/selling bell and conner and I think you can do better than two backs stuck in time shares. I personally would target someone like Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon.

agree with @Nicknj12. T Coleman for Bell straight up. You might want to hold put and remember not to overreact. you can go 0-6 and still make and win the playoffs. Don’t tilt on the first week.