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Trade away Bell for Thielen?


Full PPR…straight up trade


What’s your WR and RB depth? I imagine you’ve been able to rebound from Bell at this point?



I actually don’t have Alex Collins, I have Keke Coulee in that spot now


I think your record comes into account as well after looking at your lineup. Everything is up in the air with Bell, at least for a few more weeks. If you need wins now, I’d say worth it. Anything less than 2-2 then I’d do the trade. 2-2 feels like a rock in a hard place with that decision, helps you now but who knows when playoffs come.

Also, as a Collins and Jones owner myself I’m trying to ship them out, maybe do a 2 for 1 for a RB? The window for a cheap Mixon or Freeman might be closed but see what value you could get there. Something to consider instead of giving up Bell (though a good trade IMO).


I am so sorry, I gave you a pic of my other league…the trade of Bell for Theilen is for this team…