Trade away big names?

I’m currently 1-4 in a 10 team full ppr and don’t know what I have to do to get on a roll, any advice or opinions would help for trades or anything
QB streaming Jimmy G
RB Chubb Fournette David Johnson Hunt and McCoy
WR Hopkins Gordon Tate Alshon and McLaurin
TE Andrews and Hunter Henry

Bumping for advice

Unless you can turn Hopkins and another wr for a top wr idk if there’s really anything you can do. Kupp maybe. Your team seems solid. Have the match ups been close? Maybe a top QB would help

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Not having a solid QB has hurt me, I haven’t gotten at least 15 points from my QBs this season @plem

@plem also do you think I should try trading Andrews since I have Henry and could hold onto Herndon?

I would want to see how they preform before getting rid of andrews. I do believe Gordon and alshon will be good enough to be your starting wrs. I have Gordon and he has a great match up this week, he’s going to score a few tds eventually. Does anyone have two QBs that needs wr help?

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One owner has Mahomes and Dak another has Rodgers and Murray I’m going against him this week tho and I was thinking of starting McLaurin over Gordon @plem

Honestly starting both in my league lol. Trying to swap Dissly for a wr. I like Murray from what the guys have been saying in the podcast only scoring 2% of the drives and still putting up 18+ a week. I think he’s be easier to trade for if you offer Hopkins. But the other guy might get worried about mahomes’s last two games.

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Hopkins for Murray straight up? @plem And I might try going for Dak or Mahomes but that guy hates trading so idk if he will even reply lol

I’d offer it straight up to get the conversation going.

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@plem idk if I wanna do that now because I’m playing him this week, even tho the Mahomes/Dak owner doesn’t like trading should I offer him someone? His RBs are Ekeler and Henry WRs are Juju Thielen and Lockett and has no TE

His wr seem solid but juju is a question make worth the qb situation. Throw the offer out see if any bite. I’d do Hopkins straight up for any besides rodgers. I traded Tevin Coleman for rodgers and felt I should have held on after Monday’s game.

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Another owner has Lamar Jackson and Matt Ryan his WRs are Cooper Cooks Kupp RBs are Zeke Connor Gordon and Freeman no good TE and he’s asked for Andrews a few times also shown interest in DJ Chubb and Hopkins @plem

Andrews for ryan seems like a good offer. Unless you can add Hopkins, Andrews and tate for ryan and kupp. Maybe play off the big name

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Between the two QBs u think Lamar or Ryan would be easier to get? @plem also Kupp should be the WR I go after right?

Lamar has the upside with rushing. To balance out any bad throwing days. I think he’d part with ryan easier. And yes kupp with not having much of a fantasy history. He’s playing at his ceiling. Hopkins should bounce back eventually

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He prefers a RB over a WR would you try doing Chubb/Fournette/DJ Hopkins and Andrews for Kupp Ryan and one of his RBs out of Zeke Connor Gordon or Freeman? I’d say maybe Gordon cuz Zeke may cost more but what do you think? @plem

Swapping RBs won’t benefit you any than where you are now. You’ll need a better QB and turning a big name into someone that’s been consistent all year

Cooper Ryan and Gordon for DJ Hopkins and Andrews? @plem