Trade away cmc?

Currently being offered
Austin ekeler and Darren Waller

My current TE is Jimmy graham.
I’m very tempted to pull this trigger.
Just doing sanity check…
I’m worried about cam newton… if he cant throw or run feel like defenses are going to crowd the line and cmc wont have much room to break free…

Don’t do it!

That’s a terrible trade for CMC.

No way! Gordon will be back and Ekeler won’t be the same.

If you trade CMC for Ekeler & Waller you’re gonna have a bad time.

I think this is an awful trade for someone who should very well finish as a top 5 RB. Don’t tilt off a week 2 Thursday night game.

didn’t end up going through with the trade.
I was tempted but realized it was more of a tilt type of trade…