Trade away Conner before the season?

Trade J.Conner for K.Allen?

My RB and WR
J.Howard, J.Mixon, M.Breida, J.Conner, K.Johnson and S.Michel
D.Hopkins, C.Hogan, J.Crowder, M.Goodwin and M.Gallup

Their RB and WR
C.Thompson, L.Bell, R.Burkhead, J.White, and R.Jones
K.Allen, A.Theilen, A.Robinson, R.Matthews and D.Moore

Plenty of good prospects with a couple of every week starters, I don’t see why not. I’d try to offer him in such a way that would improve your WR2 situation - though I like Hogan, Crowder and Godwin, I’d LOVE Allen, Theilen or Robinson. Perhaps you could offer Hogan (who’s value will probably diminish when Edelman comes back) and Connor for one of those two?