Trade away Corey Davis and Tevin Coleman? HalfPPR

Needing wins now at 3-3.

I have offered T.Coleman + C.Davis for T.Cohen + J.Landry.

Despite believing in Davis’ talent (he is PFF’s 20th best graded WR), I feel like Landry’s great schedule is more conducive for getting me wins in the near-term. Likewise with Cohen - he’s not only past his bye but is the better runner in Chicago (PFF’s 20th best rated RB). Meanwhile, Coleman is poorly-rated, has a bye next week, and has young Ito playing better in a muddy Atlanta rushing attack.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. #footclantitles

Mariota is banged up and not playing at a level to bring out Davis’ talent.

Plus if you google “Mariota Corey Davis” an article from August comes up asking whether we should be worried about the Mariota-Davis connection as they were not on the same page in the preseason either!

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