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Trade away Damarco Murray before to late?


RB: Crowell, abdullah, Carson, C. Johnson, James white

I need to get a solid Rb.

Wr: Nelson, T. Hill, Garcon, M. Lee, Snead.

Anyone out there to buy low?


maybe cook is a buy low idk who you could get for demarco right now. trade him staright up for derrick henry


I’m not trading him. I’m practicing patience. I am 2-0 tho


I just bought Murray and waiting to not give up kelce for Henry. I gave jj Nelson for him so depending on what you get, it may be best to just wait it out.


No offense to anything but I definitely would not trade Murray for Henry


He’s 29 practice patience and hold onto him. I’m also 2-0 in one league and 0-2 in another Murray in both line ups he’s been a slow start the last couple years and blown up so patience is key. Also it’s only week 3 ya got 9 more weeks or w.e till playoffs so no hurry to trade in my eyes. Ive made the mistake too many times of trading too early on studs


The titans love Murray and they want to get there $ worth out of him, Henry will my have a better game this week but in the long run Murray will prevail. btw I have them both.


Dude, he got snaked from me in my draft. Nice job


No one is going to give up much for Murray now being injuries and two tough matchups. I’d also vote to hold on to him.


His value is so low right now that I’d hold. Might be able to snag someone like Gillislee if the owner is low on him, but I wouldn’t sell low on Murray.


i wouldnt trade murray unless or until Carson is confirmed as the #1 RB for SEA. If that happens Rawls wont take as many carries away from Carson compared to the carries Henry will take from Murray. With all the hype right now I’d try trading Carson for Henry. That way you have the TEN RB whoever it is. Tenn has better O-line and is a run first team. You could even get away with starting both of them (one as a flex) I did that last year with the ATL RB’s worked out real well.