Trade away Deshaun Watson for Antonio gibson?

I have Russ and brees and herbert are on the board. 10 team league.

I’d wait and see how Watson does with a different coach. Maybe his stock will rise.

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i should have said who my Rbs are. Eckler (IR) montgomery(18 point game) dalvin cook and darrell henderson jr.

Who are your WRs?

I would. You’re set at qb and could use Gibson

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DJ moore Terry Mclaurin, Kenny G on bye

and John Brown

I think what I would do is pack Eckeler and Watson for a WR1. Or here’s a more complicated trade scenario:

Trade Watson for Gibson, then trade Gibson AND Eckeler for a top WR. If that fails, you still got Gibson.

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who would you choose as backup? plenty of names, (10 team league) Brees, herbert, minshew, fitzmagic.

Right now probably Fitz. Even when he throws picks, he makes up for it on the ground.