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TRADE: Away: Dez & M Thomas For: D Hopkins


Can Hopkins stay in the flames or should I hold my depth ??
NOTE: 1WR 16 team league.


No, don’t do this - Dez has the most red-zone targets in the league right now and Michael Thomas will pick it up.


It’s a 1 WR league. Does that change yer answer? Sorry, should have included that detail.


Ahh ok - then I’d do it


Word. Thanx Mustache.


1 receiver then yes.


Oh no! Did you take it? The D. Watson news could hurt him considerably.


I was the one who proposed it yesterday. He was leaning yes but wanted to sleep on it and crunch the numbers today on his day off so I told him that I’d hit him up at 6p today. The Watson injury news broke right at 5p. I cancelled the open offer and text’d him that Hopkins’ upside was gone. Bullet dodged !!