Trade away Drake and Kerryon?

Should I trade away Drake and Kerryon for Bell and Ekeler? I have Gordon, James White, and Aaron Jones. I would like the handcuff for Gordon, but Bell is sketchy and Kerryon looks good ros. Thoughts?

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This is SUPER JUICY!! considering all the outcomes! I mean Belk could come back and be BELL! And ekeler is a great even startable handcuff in the Flex’ If your a winning team such as 7-0. 6-1 . 5-2 4-3 I’d make this trade only in PPR though

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Thanks for the input. I figure it could be a win my league type of move, but if Bell flops for some reason, my depth takes a serious hit.

Bell situation scares me… and kerryon is rising now, think he will be great ros.
The trade is fair and getting rid of drake seem great, but im not sure i want to give up kerryon right now

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I know. I feel I could do a lot worse than Kerryon in my RB2 spot rest of season. If Bell isn’t Bell when he gets back, I’m shafted.

Plus, it hurts for this week with Gordon/Ekeler on bye and Bell out.

Basically as it sits your trading Ekeler for Kerryon does that seem good to you? If not that’s the answer

Yikes. You put it that way, it sounds terrible.

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Btw, it’s a full PPR. If Bell is worthless, I’ll Have Gordon/Ekeler (so that’s solid), James White, Howard, Crowell, and Jones. If Bell is Bell, Bell/Gordon is the best RB duo in the league by a mile.

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