Trade away Ebron, Lindsay for Fournette?

14 team full ppr. I have Brate but I feel Ebron is better long term. My other RBs are Bell/Conner, Mixon, Sony, and Lamar Miller so I don’t exactly need another one. Also I don’t have any idea on Fournette’s time table

Do not make that trade

you could offer Miller maybe, because his value will take a hit when foreman is back. if the guy is hurting at RB he may take that

Do the trade. You can survive without Fournette until week 10 and if he is healthy you just got an RB1 for a playoff run. Ebron wont be as great of an option once Doyle is back and Lindsay is one slip up from giving more touches to Royce Freeman.

Although Matty is right, if you can manage to give him Miller I would do that over this one. But Millers value right now with the injury and Foreman looming on the horizon.

To @howards point about fournette timeline though, he has no timetable as of yet, and he has had hammy issues since LSU.
So thats why i would be hesitant to give up too much

I’d be trading to the Doyle and Freeman owner, which I suspect is why they’re interested in these two. What are your thoughts on Ebron vs Brate though? Having a solid tight end is going to be important and I feel like Ebron is in a better situation given they’re both behind a currently injured teammate on the depth chart.

I think the fact you have Bell/Conner, Sony and Mixon make Lindsay expendable and I think we all agree a healthy Fournette>>Lindsay

Also, I think Brate is in a better situation because he has a well known rapport with Winston and I think he will still be the option when Howard gets back.