Trade away Evans/Fitzgerald for Hopkins

I’d actually be getting back Hopkins and M. Mack but I know Mack is essentially worthless but honestly so is Fitzgerald other than a guranteed 5 points in full PPR. Is this worth it to get rid of Larry Fitz while in my eyes attaining a more consistent WR because Winston still scares me

Evans was more valuable with Fitzpatrick at QB. I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all.

I definitely like getting Hopkins here

Yeah if I was you I’d have to consider dropping Fitz anyway so he isn’t as loss. Go and get Hopkins while Evans has top tier value. With Jameis back things are gonna get a lot more dicey.

Even with my concerns with bye weeks (I have to take an extra bye week since I already had to take Evans) I accepted the trade since this is in a footclan league and I don’t want to take the chance of my opponent seeing this post and realizing his mistake. I am 4-1 and he is 1-4 so hopefully this was the right call!

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