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Trade Away Fuller


Should I trade away fuller for Thomas from the Broncos? Someone offered me this should I accept? I offered someone else Fuller for Allen but are still thinking about it. Plz Help!


Everything points to taking DT but it must be hard with Fuller being so spectacular.

Just look at what DT and Brock did together in 2015 and it looks clear that they had a rapport.

DT’s getting targets, official change at Qb and Sanders being back should help things for DT.


Tom Savage is BACK!!! I’d take this, I mean the general curiosity imbued in human nature would compel you to wait and see if fuller could be productive with savage at the helm. Buuuuuuut do you really wanna take this risk i mean it was unlikely that hed maintain this production with watson. Even if fuller catches two touchdowns on sunday after you accept this trade you could still be happy knowing that it was the right move to make shrugs but thats my opinion


Tom Savage has never thrown 1 TD

Fuller has 7 already.

Let me repeat that.

Tom Savage has never thrown 1 TD


Fuller also returns kicks. If your league counts return yards, I would keep Fuller. I have no faith in Savage at all whatsoever. I have D. Watson and Fuller in one league and it is devastating.


LOL I’d send the trade right now before the other guy changes his mind


I’d have to agree with @reid_saito. Os is good for DT. Not so much for Sanders…which bodes well in DT’s favor.