Trade away Gibson for Barkely?

.5 ppr, 12 team.
Trade away A Gibson, receive Barkley.
Have Kamara, Henderson, Latavius Murray, Himes as other RB’s.

Probly a slight upgrade in the long run, though you may see limited returns for a few more weeks.

i wouldn’t do it if i were you.
Gibson will get a bunch of dump offs and they’ll be running the ball a bunch with Fitz out.
great Defence = Many rushing attempts.
We still don’t know when Barkley will be 100%.

Nope. Keep Gibson.

I’m not sure that conclusion is warranted. I din’t see much of the game, but reports are that the passing game “came alive” after Fitz went down, and the stats reflect that–Fitz was 3 of 6 for 13 yards (56.3 rating); Heinicke went 11 for 15 for 122 yards and a TD (119.3 rating).