Trade away Gibson? Standard

Gibson’s shin injury scares me. I’ve done some research and its an injury that won’t go away fully until he gets at least a months worth of rest. With the WFT not being good and more than likely not making the playoffs I can see them shutting him down for next years season.

Who could I realistically get in return?

I like Henderson, Ekeler, Mixon, and Javonte Williams possibly.

here is my team:

here are the two teams im wanting to trade with:

would you guys give away Gibson and Julio and receive Deebo and Javante?

I hate giving up Gibson, but I would do that. You do give up two guys that have major lingering injury concerns. I like Javante, but not sure he will give you any huge impact this season. Deebo is past his bye, so you buy a week of productivity, and he has proven that he can dominate when healthy.

Maybe do that and try to flip Hopkins for a RB/WR combo?

We have an auction draft in this league. I paid a price to get Gibson because I am a huge believer in him, but with that said, everything that could go wrong for him has gone wrong… Fitz getting hurt, defense sucks, and Mckissic still getting 2-min/3rd down reps.

From what I have read from Profootballdoc and other Doc’s, Gibsons injury wont heal until after the season and more than likely will just get worse.

So your’e saying try and trade Gibson for Hopkins straight up?

I was thinking do the Julio/Gibson for Deebo/javonte and then in a separate deal try to sell a WR for a RB