TRADE away Gillislie?

Hy Footclan,
i think about trading away Gilli. I would heve the Chance to get Golden Tate or Cooper or Larry Fitz for him… which would you prefer?

10 Team Standard League
WR: Ty Hill, M Thomas, D Hopkins
RB: DeMarco, Freeman, Kelley, CJ Anderson, Jamal Williams, Gallman

best regards from Austria

Golden Tate or Fitz would be fine. Fitz if PPR, Tate standard.

i would do the trade for fitz, that would be a good return with how well the old man is doing this season.

help with mine, please…

I would not waive Graham and start streaming, because Jimmy is the much better option than any of the guys on your waiver, but I would think about the Ertz/Miller for Graham/Evans Trade… but i would try to get a better player than Benjamin or Miller for Evans… is there anyone on the roster from the Erzt holder you would like more? Evans is the best player in this trade so you have to get more for him!!!

how does the Rest of your Team look like?

my RB’s are Kareem Hunt, Ameer Abdullah, Duke Johnson Jr, Gio Bernard, Wayna Gullman

My WR’s are Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, DeVante Parker, Willie Snead, Danny Amendola

Then Tom Brady, Jimmy Graham, Will Lutz and Houston Def to round out the team.

his other players are julio jones, gurley, rodgers, devante adams, powell and some bench players

which RBs are on the Erzt Holders Team?

thats hard, because i think you wont get Julio or Gurley, and the rest of the Players are no big upgrade for you…

I would try Evans/Graham and Snead or Amendola for Julio/Ertz. Perhaps the other guy likes Evans and is ok with it, just try it out, nothing to loose for you.

Ich würde Tate bevorzugen. Sein “Schedule” ist wesentlicher freundlicher als derjenige von Fitz…
Grüsse aus der Schweiz :wink:

Bonjour auch :slight_smile:
Tate ist eh auch mein Favorit, ich warte mal die Woche ab und dann werden ich den Trade vorschlagen!

Danke und Grüße aus Wien