Trade away Gronk to get Dalvin Cook?

Hey Clan - Got this offer, but not sure I want to deal with Dalvin Cook’s hammy issues, even though I know Gronk is not the model of consistency himself. Thoughts? Any counters that would make sense?
Current team;
Zeke, Sony, McCoy, Kerryon, Dion Lewis, Drake
Keenan, Cooper, Baldwin, Marvin, Geronimo
Gronk, Reed

His team:
DJ, Dalvin, Conner, Coleman, Duke, L. Murray
AJGreen, Tate, Thomas, Watkins, Funchess
Engram, Gates

I think you keep what you got if he needs a te trade Reed for like connor or Thomas or something. Gronkowski is gonna be better the rest of season. Cook is a scary player to own right now. But if you wanted to do ther trade I wouldn’t hate it. Cuz you could stash cook and if in like 3 weeks he’s 100 percent you have 3 possible top 12 rbs in Michael Elliott and cook. Reed is top 5 of healthy.

So what im saying if your ok with not starting cook for 2 3 weeks do it cuz Reed is good cuz he’s healthy rn. But your team is honestly fine the way it is.

Thanks, getting the drift and I feel the same way to be honest.