Trade away Hill for Godwin?

Got an offer to get Godwin in exchange for Hill. As much as Godwin is killing it I’ve been sitting on Hill since his injury and am finally looking like I can play him soon. Im 3-1 and have been doing fine with him in my bench so far. Who do you think is the better long term guy? Thanks.

Who are your other WR’s? Hill has huge potential. Godwin is like the #2 WR right now, but its only week 2. I am 3-1 as well and am trying to upgrade my WR2 spot.

My other receivers are

Tyrell Williams

Sorry I meant its “week 4”. But with the WR’s you have that could be a solid trade. Even though you wont get immediate return for Hill, if you consider the length of the season, who is more likely to produce more: mahomey and 2018’s #1 WR, or crab legs winston and Godwin. lol. I dont think you can go wrong either way though.

It would be an awesome “sell high buy low” trade if hill does blow up like we all think he should.

I think we’re getting these mixed up, he’ll be getting godwin. I think he should just stick with hill since the rest of his receivers are good enough to cover.

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Wow. You are correct. I completely misread his post. I was talking backwards, but Hill is nonetheless who I value higher in that trade given your current lineup.

Yeah I think I have the depth to hold onto Hill, thanks for the 2 cents guys.