Trade Away Hopkins & Adams for Juju, Hilton, and James White


I have no RBs worth mentioning… full PPR, 3 WR set…
I would trade away Hopkins and Devante Adams and get Hilton, Juju, and White.

James White… FYI

Damn. That’s a very steep price to pay. Michel has an MCL sprain so he’s not done for the season. I was on the sell white high train for the past few weeks. Now you just extend his shelf life by another 2-3 weeks but he still is not the long term play. I will say he is better in PPR formats. You seem to know your situation though and I guess if you’re desperate, you could do it but not a huge fan of this trade. Even though I love JJSS and have Hilton as a buy low right now, Nuk and Adams are so good. Is there anyway you could swing like an Adams for JJSS/Hilton + White? If its RB you’re looking for, feel like you can accomplish that without giving up both of your top 6 WRs