Trade away Hopkins in Dynasty

I’m in a full point ppr, 16 team dynasty league. I am possibly looking to move Hopkins but not sure how he may be valued after the trade to AZ. What do you think would be fair compensation in return? I was thinking of trying to trade for the first pick in our rookie draft. Below are the notable pieces of my team:

Qb Mahomes
Rb Sanders
Rb eckler
Rb singletary
Rb Latavius Murray
Wr Hopkins
Wr tyreek hill
Wr woods
Wr Preston Williams
Wr N’Keal Harry
Te Fells
Te Knox

@jeff_horbacz I am not sure what Hopkins’ trade value will be at this moment. If I was over your roster, I think I would hold Hopkins. See what he does in Kingsbury’s up tempo style offense with Kyler. Think there is a lot of upside still with Newk in this situation in AZ. But if you tried to trade him now, I do not think you will get the proper value back for him. Also, I do not like the idea of trading a stud WR in his prime for a unknown 1st Round rookie pick.

That is my opinion on this situation. Hope this helps!


Wait until he balls out in season to trade him. He is dramatically undervalued right now.

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Thanks for the input guys. I actually got an offer of Melvin Gordon , OBJ and the second pick for Hopkins and Eckler. Personally I’m not to high on either OBJ or Gordon but based on the trade I think I come out ahead.

I much perfer Hopkins and Ekeler over OBJ, Gordon and a 2021 2nd.