Trade away Hunt?

Need some help here Clan.

My team consists of:
RB’s - Hunt, Conner, Mccaffrey, Josh kelley and Mattison
WR’s - Kupp, Chark, Mecole Hardman, Kelan Cole and Anthony Miller
Allen as my QB, Gesicki and Tonyan as TE’s.

This is a keeper league by the way. Should I let go of Hunt and maybe go for a DJ Moore, Ridley, Thielen???

Appreciate any help!!

No way. You don’t have a lot of depth behind Hunt and he’ll be a low-end RB1/RB2 even after Chubb returns.

Play waiver ware to continue upgrading WRs. You can’t get the value of Hunt to replace the hole at RB.

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Sounds good…thanks

RB value >>>>>>>>> WR value in most cases. There’s very few WRs I’d trade Hunt for at the moment. Especially considering Le’Veon Bell didn’t list the Browns on his likely landing spots. Currently you’re playing Hunt, Conner and McCaffrey (when healthy) every week if you have a flex. Unless you’re getting a Hopkins, Thomas or Adams I’m probably keeping Hunt.

appreciate it. I know the value of RB is pretty big. I just really need WR help. I already had one guy offer Thielen for Conner. I forgot to mention I have Leveon Bell at RB also.
And possibly Hunt for Adams. Any thoughts on these offers??? I feel the Thielen offer is a no-brainer.