Trade away Ingram / Kupp for David Johnson

Trade away Mark Ingram and Cooper Kupp for David Johnson

QB- Brees, Matt Ryan
RB- Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, Marlon Mack, Dion Lewis
WR- Thielen, NuK, Kupp, Sutton, Golladay
TE- OJ Howard

1/2 point ppr

My only reservation is Kupp is a solid player who will get you consistent points. With him and Theilen playing that leaves you in my opinion stacked on WRs. I wouldn’t do it.

I would do it, makes your team more balanced, and it’s a lot easier to find recievers than backs.

It depends on when the trade takes place. With Theilen and Hopkins on bye, if you trade away Kupp you’ll be very thin at WR this week. But beyond this week I like the trade. You’re set at WR 1 and 2 and you’d be set with Gordon, Johnson, and Mack/Lewis as your RB1, 2 and Flex.

Yea I am currently 8-1 so could take a loss this week on the byes.