Trade away Ingram + Kupp for James White

Trade away Mark Ingram and Cooper Kupp for James White?

QB- Brees, Matt Ryan
RB- Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, Marlon Mack, Dion Lewis
WR- Thielen, NuK, Kupp, Sutton, Golladay
TE- OJ Howard

1/2 point ppr

I would. Think you can afford losing Kupp and you’re upgrading your RB position. I say this without knowing who NuK is lol.

DeAndre Hopkins hah

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Lol, well than yes that completely confirms my opinion.

How many WRs do you start?

Two WRs and a Flex

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Just now realizing that Thielen, NuK, and Sutton are all on bye this week though… Idk if you’re trying to make this move immediately, but either way I’d consider throwing in Ryan (or Brees tbh) to get a fringe level WR2/3 back if possible.

Word thanks!

2nd thought, Any worries with Rex and Sony coming back?

Not too much. He was performing well with both of them healthy.

Couldn’t get White. Still worth for David Johnson?