Trade away: J. Howard and J. White (NE) to get: Ty Montgomery, and D. Parker

Hey guys, 12 team auction, .5 ppr, we start 3 WRs and a flex (so normally 4 WRs). This is my team (Diners, Drive-ins and Diggs):
RBs: Ajayi, J. Howard, J White, T. Cohen, S. Perine (probably gonna drop, might wait another week since washington definitely needs to make changes)
WRs: T.Y Hilton, Diggs, Garcon, Corey Davis, Decker, Crowder
TE: Jesse James
QB: Luck and whoever I stream (was Dalton)
I was offered Forte for White straight up i denied it, then he offered Montgomery and Parker for White and Howard, but that doesn’t seem very good to me.
the two players I’m targeting on his team are Montgomery and Parker. Not psyched about trading away Howard or White, but i think Parker helps my WRs too much not to consider.

I don’t like that it leaves you with only 4 RB’s (one of which isn’t getting touches for now), but I think just looking at the players it is a fair trade (And I like your side of it more)

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I personally like the Montgomery and Parker for White and Howard only because you already have Cohen. Cohen and Howard are looking more and more like a split backfield esp with Howards stone hands in the catching game. You cant confidently put both Bears RBs in your starting line-up at the same time so this allows you to have a solid flex in Cohen and two strong RBs in Ajayi and Mongomery. Plus you get your man Parker - We’ll see how he plays this week. My fingers are crossed. I have him in a bunch of leagues

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Thanks guys, I’m gonna think on it for the night, I’ll still have the guys by saturday if i don’t make a decision til tomorrow.

Yeah i wouldnt make this trade… leaves you to thin at RB…